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Glenhaven Press

As any writer can tell you, becoming established through a publishing company is generally difficult and frustrating. Large companies prefer working with established authors. But established authors already published. It's a catch 22.

In 1995, Sid Freshour sought to have his biographical novel on the lives of his pioneer ancesters published. After being rejected by the publishing companies he chose to found Glenhaven Press in order to self publish. Now, decades later, Glenhaven Press continues to help unestablished authors do the same: create and self-publish their works in a friendly, comfortable setting without the need to meet the weighty requirements of, or impress a large corporation.

Saddleback Writers Guild

A workshop for writers committed to their craft, the Saddleback Writers Guild is a group of Orange County authors mostly dedicated to producing ficton. Other writing forms (short stoies, essays, screenplays) are encouraged. The Guild was formed to listen, assist and recommend changes to improve plot, structure, pacing, characterization and grammar in a nurturing environment. Membership is free, and

We meet weekly on Monday nights from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Carrows restaurant in Laguna Hills.

23952 Avenida de Carlota
Laguna Hills, Ca
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New members
Particpants should have a level of skill sufficient to produce a professional manuscript. Guild members are eager to assist, provide guidance and helpful suggestions, but please New writers are encouraged to visit and observe meeting protocol and dynamics for a time or two. In order to improve efficiency, keep productivity high and keep disruption to a minimum, there will be no ordering of dinner, only beverages at the beginning of a meeting. Please do not dine during the meeting.