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David Ciambrone, Author Biography

     Dr. Dave Ciambrone, is a scientist, Oceanographer, professor, magician and author living in Lake Forest, California with his wife, Kathy. He is past vice president of Sisters-in-Crime, a national writers group, Mystery Writers of America and the Saddleback Valley Writers Guild. Dr. Ciambrone speaks at colleges, local groups and conferences. He has also published nonfiction environmental books that are selling internationally and wrote a helpful hint newspaper column under the name "Aunt Kay." Dave has worked for police departments and been a consultant on poisons to police agencies. He has also worked with chemical weapons. Dr. Ciambrone has been a speaker at writers groups, schools, and technical organizations. Dave has published three Virginia Davies Mysteries, Laguna Treasure, Napa Nights and Pelican Cove. More Virginia Davies mysteries are forthcoming.

Published Works by David Ciambrone

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Pelican Cove: A Virgina Davies Mystery
Published August, 2003

     Virginia Davies, curator at the Southbrook Museum, is leaving on vacation to the romantic seaside town of Pelican Cove with her boyfriend, Dr. Andy Clark, when her boss innocently asks her to make it a well paid, working vacation. The old director was murdered trying to mount an exhibit about a ship that sank off the coast years before, touching a nerve in someone bent on keeping a secret that went down with the ship. While completing the exhibit, Virginia stumbles upon the secret and deeper intrigue involving smuggling, drugs, deceit and murder. Her emotions ride high, as solving the murder becomes an obsession that almost costs Virginia her life. Virginia's quilting and diving hobbies assist in her investigation leading to the cold waters of the Pacific off Santa Catalina Island and Pelican Cove. She leads her new friends, US Marshals, the Coast Guard and the murderers on a wild adventure to the cutting conclusion.

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Napa Nights: A Virgina Davies Mystery
Published January, 2002

     Napa Nights, the second in the Virginia Davies Mystery series, is backdropped in the lush grape vineyards of Napa, California, in the heart of the wine country, and the cool, fog shrouded coast of Northern California. The novel weaves archaeological and historical facts, along with murder to provide a fast paced, mystery-adventure story. Archaeologists and televangelists are about as compatible as oil and water. Virginia Davies, a curator of American History at the Southbrook Museum, attends the American Archaeological Institute convention in Napa, California. The arrival of The Reverend Hockings is controversial enough. His dropping dead makes it worse. The coroner and police ruled the death a stroke. Virginia discovers it's murder. The murderers want to silence Virginia, forever. Aided by her boyfriend, Dr. Andy Clark, an engineering professor at the University of California and Donna Bolletti, a travel agent and friend, Virginia finds that staying alive is more of a problem than solving the murder.

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Laguna Treasure: A Virgina Davies Mystery
Published 2001

     Laguna Beach, a major southern California art colony, is the setting for the novel. Booze, drugs and immigrants aren't the only things that were smuggled ashore over the years. Archaeological artifacts and treasures worth millions are the theme of this book that draws on a mixture of facts and fiction to entangle the reader in a rapid fire adventure involving treasure, thieves and murder. Virginia Davies, a graduate student in history is embroiled in an unclassic adventure involving a hoard of gold, an underground river, thieves, murder and a ring of smugglers in a plot that almost cost Virginia and her friends their lives.

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Environmental Life Cycle Analysis
Published August, 1997

     The trend in industry and with the EPA is to prevent wastes before they are created instead of treating or disposing of them later. This book assists design/systems engineers and managers in designing or changing a product or set of processes in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment during its life cycle. It explains the overall concept of environmental life cycle analysis and breaks down each of the stages, providing a clear picture of the issues involved.

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Waste Minimization as a Strategic Weapon
Published Nov, 1995

     Waste Minimization as a Strategic Weapon provides guidance on how to design, implement, evaluate, and maintain a waste minimization program. It describes how waste reduction programs can be successfully coordinated into company procedures, while simultaneously improving that company's bottom line. It illustrates how to set goals and metrics for a waste minimization program, how to determine the progress of such a program, and how to calculate the true costs of environmental compliance. The underlying assumption is that waste is a manageable resource, and can therefore be turned into profit when managed appropriately.