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unLikely Enemies
Published in May, 2001

unLikely Enemies is a tale of parental trials endured when grown children resist the inevitable and the necessary to leave the nest. Robb and Lorraine Mellenn were reachign retirement age. They had worked hard and planned well. So had their good friends, Clark and Merril Justyne and the Harris', Adele and Neil. But they had all overlooked something in their planning. None would be able to begin retirement until each of their adult children moved out from their homes.

The Mellenn's son, Tennenbaum, led the pack in finding the most inventive ways to keep the status quo. As a result, the parents take action. The Dads ban together as do the Moms. Each gender executes their own scheme to teach their adult kids to be financially astute and independant. And the various outlandish plots against their offspring always end askew, and their adultlings unwilling to budge. And, why should they? They're perfectly comfortable where they are, well cared for, under their parents' roofs. It is only with the unexpected death of Tennenbaum's beloved grandparent that Tennenbaum and the other grown children, at long last, find their way into adulthood.

In a final twist, the parents' plans to begin their Golden Years are further stymied this time of their own making.