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Basic rates are $20/hr for editing, proofing and formatting. Flat rates are available for extended projects.

Writing Services
Do you like what you see here? Do you need marketing copy written? An article? Technical writing? A script? We at Glenhaven Press have worked with over a dozen writers, both published and unpublished, who have experience in a variety of writing enviornments, and with knowledge of a variety of fields.

Please contact us with an explanation of the nature of your project, and let us put you in touch with a writer who suits your needs.

For authors who want the traditional approach, our printers are able to produce hardcover, softcover and spiral bound books and our graphic artists will be happy to help you with cover design.

There are many factors that affect final pricing. Page count, paper weight and dimensions, type of binding, print count and others. Does your book have color pictures? Do you want the cover laminated? Do you want a dust jacket included with your hardcover? It's best to discuss options with a print specialist.

Please contact us for additional information.

E-book conversion
Electronic books are booming and growing industry. In 2011, ebook sales reached $1.7 billion. As sales figures rise, while printing cost remain high, electronic publishing is an increasingly attractive option for many authors. Additionally, even once published, hardcopy still requires footwork to be sold. It's often a surprise to newly published authors that writing and publishing a book is only a tiny portion of the effort involved in becoming a financial success. Making sales involves contact bookstores to carry your books, listing books with online sellers and physically mailing copies, regularly scheduling and attending book signings and boutiques.

By choosing electronic publication, you can immediately make your work avaialable to the entire world and at a fraction the cost of conventional publishing.

Individual rates will vary, but our basic pricing plans offers two options: $500 flat rate for transcription of a novel-length work into electronic formats, or 20% commission on sales on the resultant ebook. Both options include listing here at J&J Booksales for the lifetime of the company. Please Contact us for additional information.

Whether you choose hardcopy or electronic options, or both, you'll still want to sell your book. We have over a decade experience with book marketing and have a variety of options. However, unlike traditional marketing forms like television, billboard and other forms of paid advertising, we've found that often the most effective way to market your work is through the personal touch. Let us help you find venues for book signings and personal presentations of your work.